If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

  • “How to stand out in the real estate market?”
  • “How can I get more customers?”
  • “How to get customers online?”
  • “How to sell my projects to clients?”
  • “How can I persuade someone to work with me?”
  • “How to give the best impression on my first meeting with the client?”
  • “How to improve communication with clients?”

How it all began?

When I was working in Architectural and Design studios in the UK I have discovered that when we were working with a clients, some of them couldn’t read drawings, had problems to imagine the building would look like based on 2d drawings such as floor plans or elevations.

Once we presented a 3D visualization, suddenly they knew what we were talking about. In the next meeting, all they wanted to see, were 3D views. This is one of the reasons why I founded Jack’s Pixels. To help in communication between clients and architects.

Who is Jack?

Jacks Pixels

Who is Jack?

My name is Jack. I have founded Jack’s Pixels to quickly and inexpensively help architectural practices, developers or anybody who would benefit from my service.

My goal is to present their ideas, products, and projects in the best way possible. Provide them with tools they need to grow their businesses

I am an Experienced Architect/3D Architectural Visualiser.

I have spent a few years in South West England working for two leading award-winning architecture and design studios, gaining the experience necessary to deliver high-quality interior and exterior visualizations. I have been working on a variety of projects at different stages.

I am using my extensive knowledge and past experience to translate your projects into high-quality visuals.

Sceptical of remote cooperation?

It is understandable that when it comes to architectural visualization many studios insist on having an in-house expert.

I am, however, a living proof that remote work does work which was confirmed by the companies from the UK, Germany, and Switzerland I have been cooperating with.

There are in fact many obvious reasons why you can benefit from getting services from a remote 3D Visualiser such as myself.

What are the benefits?

Competitive Prices

As I am not a part of a big practice I can offer you competitive prices while still delivering high-quality visualizations. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project and budget. I am sure we can agree to terms everyone is happy with. I aim to maintain a successful collaboration with long-term clients which is why I can make some very attractive offers.

I am an Architect

Having as much information as possible such as relevant documentation, plans or sketches is crucial to delivering the end result both parties are satisfied with. As an Architect, I am able to understand and interpret architectural drawings and concepts which for obvious reasons may save time and assure the project is correct from the modeling stage through to final delivery.

10+ Years of Experience

There are many talented 3D artists out there. Not all of them, however, have more than ten years of experience in the field. Hiring an experienced visualizer means you can expect your project to be planned and managed on time and within budget.

I Work Remotely

Not working in an actual office means I have to deal with fewer distractions, have flexible working hours and waste less time getting ready for work. All that results in the work being done more efficiently. It is extremely important if you want to make sure the project will be done on time.


I may repeat myself here but communication really is key. You may have some concerns regarding communication which quite frankly is understandable. However, I can assure you that I contact my clients on daily basis.

I find it crucial to keep you updated and, at the same time, allow you to follow the process and make any changes necessary.

We can connect using all modern ways to contact: Skype, WhatsUp, Messenger, e-mail, phone. You name it.

If there is anything you feel you need to discuss or you want to give me some kind of feedback – you are free to contact me using any of those apps and I will reply to you promptly.

If you need to do a video chat we can use Skype which is excellent if there is a need to show something on the screen.

WhatsUp is great for a quick feedback as you can comment particular image or message. The clients with whom I have a long-term business relationship find using this app really helpful and time-saving